Action Plan

A Community Action Planning meeting was held, with 29 community members in attendance, representing 9 local businesses and 19 community stakeholders. The group members reviewed the key findings and draft regional goals, they evaluated the initiatives that already existed or had been initiated to address issues raised through the survey process, and they developed a comprehensive list of potential community action items to address the regional goals.

Subsequently, the Leadership Team met to review the results of the Community Action Planning meeting, and further prioritized those items that presented the greatest likelihood of successful results in both the short and long term.

Priority Actions (For next 18 months)

The following list of regional action-item possibilities have been identified as the most important, realistic and attainable action items for the community to pursue in the next 18 months.

1. Develop a “Love Your Community Campaign”

2. Develop a “Regional Investment Attraction Strategy”

3. Enhance existing, and develop new training opportunities for local industry

4. Develop a regional welcome package for businesses

Other Actions (For next 3 – 5 years)

Over the next three to five years, the remaining action-item possibilities listed below are recommended for the community to pursue.

1. Host a “Home Grown” entrepreneurial event

2. Encourage and support businesses to better align store hours with major festivals and events taking place nearby

3. Improve dialogue between event organizers, businesses and accommodations

4. Develop packages for sports tourism conferences/events

5. Develop a Workforce Communications Event

6. Develop innovative regional transportation options